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Zhills swoop weekend a success!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rdutch  (D 24618)

Aug 18, 2003, 6:23 PM
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Zhills swoop weekend a success!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't Post

First off I want to thank all that made this possible,
TK, the staff at skydive Zhills, and especially Ian Bobo. Thanks also to Jari and the Bird-Man crew. Without you this wouldn't have happened. Second I want to thank all that attended, we had a lot of fun, had some great swoops and drank some beer, and best of all NO INJURIES! Oh yeah WE DRANK SOME BEER!
The staff at skydive city made everything run smooth, and we never missed a load (Well Superfly Billy andrews missed his first load "BEER!" too bad he didnt have a cameraman to tell him his load was boarding). The coaching was Excellent, and everyone learned a lot, and we also want to thank Robin Miller (aka Mrs. Scott Miller) for providing Video for us. With the perfect weather, we did 94 jumps on saturday (the Deland krew) one jumper earned a new name "SPLASH GORDON" (self explanatory). We all enjoyed meeting everyone from Zhills, and a second swoop camp is in the works. The Jumpers from the Hills that attended the seconed day that I talked to said they had a lot of fun and learned a lot, so I think it was a great success.

Sunday Jari finally woke from his Coma (health condition, definitely sick, not self induced) and bird man was in action, there was a few big way Bird man dives, and a few first time Bird man jumps, I even did one Bird-Man instruction. There was a lot of input and desire for further first time Bird-Man jumps but unfortunately there was plane trouble around 5:00, so we opted for the second alternative, Drinking BEER! I ended up at home Midnight slightly buzzed, and fully entertained. I had a great weekend swooping the Pond, flying bird man and just all in all enjoying myself, Im sure I wasnt the only one, I have heard from everyone they cant wait until I organise another swoop weekend. And if it is always this much fun, I cant wait myself.

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