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Nov 29, 2001, 6:10 PM
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Training Question Can't Post

I was told that a repost in this section would be beneficial.

Again, I am new. I am wondering about a course after my student progression. I am wondering what everyone would recommend for approximate number of jumps before I move on to other disciplines. I want to learn to freefly and I also think that I will enjoy CReW. How many jumps should I make just working on basics and belly-to-earth RW? I want to be competent before moving on. I also understand that it may vary, I am just trying to get a guesstimate so I can plan my jumping schedule.

Thanks for the input.

Premier PhreeZone  (D License)
Nov 29, 2001, 6:18 PM
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Re: Training Question [In reply to] Can't Post

Once again taken from my reply in the Talk back sectio since I'm still to lazy to type new material. And I'm sorry for the cross post to any one offened.

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Before you start mapping out everything for the next few months, take some time to learn the basics. I crossed over to the Darkside of freefly at less then 35 jumps, I was on a 10 way earler this summer and could'nt hardly fly the entire time on my belly. I did'nt have the basic skill set to fly that way anymore. After you graduate, find a local coach or experienced jump, not only ones that demand money, and work on 2 ways and 3-4 ways. Get at least the basics in of side slides, center point turns and fall rate control. Once you learn that stuff, then see if RW is right for you. If not, at least you have the skills for future use. This usually takes about 50-75 jumps from what I've seen to get just the basics. Be warned, 4 way is addictive and if you can form a team, it'll consume every secind of your day at the dz and away too.

Freefly is cool (its all I do) but the danger factor is higher with corking, high speed premature deployments, serious fall rate differences, and a magnitude of other things. Expericed freefliers should be the only ones even thinking of taking new freefliers out since its easy to hurt someone this way. And you work on Solos, then once you no longer cork and can move around, its into 2 ways, then once you can fly with someone, 3 ways, big ways 4+ should only be done with lots of caution and experience because its super easy to lose track of others in freefall when you are all on different planes.
CReW, find some local Crew-dawgs and get some coaching. Never done it so I won't comment. Itlooks really cool but I've heard its lots of work.
Lots of cool stuff to do like raft dives, magic carpet rides, tubes, but always remember its only cool if you can walk away from it uninjured. And no skydive is over until you have walked into the packing hanger.
I'm not sure what to put here right now.....

Aviatrr  (D 27349)

Nov 30, 2001, 3:35 AM
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Re: Training Question [In reply to] Can't Post

I started freeflying pretty early because there weren't a lot of people to belly fly with as a low timer......but, amazingly, the freeflyers were more than happy to jump with and teach a newbie.. As long as you have the basics down, I think it's fine to start freeflying if that's what you want to do.. By the basics, I mean that you can get stable on your belly from ANY position immediately, you can track well(VERY important for separation), and you can deploy stable.. When you start freeflying, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR ALTITUDE! The altitude goes much quicker when you're freeflying due to the higher speeds involved.. I definitely recommend an audible altimeter for freeflyers - especially new freeflyers.. A lot of times you are in a position that seeing a wrist mount altimeter is not really very easy - and doing so could cause you to go unstable and cork..

As for CReW.....get with an experienced CReW person and talk to them about your canopy skills/experience.. Even if you are not a shithot canopy pilot, CReW will do wonders for your canopy control.. Of course, as a newbie to it, you should only be doing small groups(2 ways to start, maybe 3 ways after a few jumps) with very experienced CReW people.....anything else is asking for disaster.. If you have basic canopy control skills down, it's not too early to start CReW with the right people..


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