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jtval  (D 26340)

Mar 16, 2001, 9:23 PM
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non-current Can't Post

okay here's the deal. most of you heard why im non-current so i wont go into that again but, i missed safety day and if you read any of my posts im always trying to stay "non- complacent"(it'll killya)
when i get into the real world(of skydiving) again i will go through a 20 jump(or there about) refresher/advancement course w/ billy weber. so as far as being safe. i am.
but any thing you might wanna add to help me think of things that may have slipped outta my head while i wasnt looking will be helpful.
i dont like statistics...never mind being one!!

here's the deal
next jump(w/billy) will be a few new things for me.

1) new DZ.
2) NEW RIG(MY OWN...whoo hoo!!!)
3) first jump since nov 11th

Im still a low timer, and due to my (non skydive related)injury im lower then i should be(much lower) ive only logged 20 jumps.every day im online in the books/videos keeping current on the info side . i never stopped learning but i'd rather you guys treat me like a 1st timer then take for granted that i didnt forget know what i mean?

plus it may even help some of the other low timers.
keep it in check or it'll get away from ya!!!


cyberskydive  (C 28534)

Mar 17, 2001, 7:27 AM
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Re: non-current [In reply to] Can't Post

Beleive me, I know exactly how you feel. I did make it to safety day though. I have had two layouts since I started jumping 5 yeasr ago. One from and ankle injury and the one I'm ending now cause of cash and school. The first jump back from my ankly injury in 97 was not to bad. This one now I have a few more butterflies-LOL- I dont know why really, like you I have kept up with S&T and I even started having those skydiving dreams again-LOL- which are cool. (I got to do a base jump from a 15 grand pier over the sky in my last one).

I'm sure your in good hands down there-(I'm assuming you in FLA) My advice is to just keep it simple, do some practice pulls and refamiliarize your self with your handles and such in freefall. Get unstable and stable again, AND HAVE FUN! Pull high and have some X-tra canopy time, check your spot, know the winds, Know the landing patern, and do your thing!!!

D.Chisolm C-28534

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