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GoPro 6 Premiere Pro CC crash


lilchief  (D 78149)

Feb 2, 2018, 1:08 AM
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GoPro 6 Premiere Pro CC crash Can't Post topic! Angelic

Tried to import a PAL 1080p 200fps (440mb) GoPro 6 clip to Premiere Pro CC (recently updated). Premiere apparently did not like it and just hung up. Rebooted the computer and tried to open Premiere and it just didn't want to load. After a wile, the yellow screen saying "Media Pending" appeared, but nothing else. A youtube clip in Chrome also stopped working. Killed Premiere and Chrome, tried the youtube clip and it played as normal.

The computer is a fully packed Dell Precision with a Quadro M4000 GPU.

Any ideas?

I was told recently that apparently, Apple and Adobe are having a MPG4/H.264/AVI war going and therefore Adobe does not support GoPro MPG4 codec. Could this be something?Crazy

Also, the new GoPro editing program does not have the old neat feature of exporting the file from MPG4 to AVi Unsure

-=:: EDIT ::=-

It opened fine now. Not sure why, but the GoPro file is not in the project file. I did however move it from the folder I imported it to in a hope to break the link. Maybe it worked...?

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lilchief  (D 78149)

Feb 2, 2018, 4:48 AM
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Re: [lilchief] GoPro 6 Premiere Pro CC crash [In reply to] Can't Post

I just manged to solve the issue using Media Encoder. Tongue

One prompt came up when I copied the file into Media Encoder asking if it was OK to install the HEVC plugin. After that..good to go in VLC and Premiere Pro. AngelicSmile

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