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looking for rigs


AB21  (A License)

May 9, 2003, 6:30 AM
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looking for rigs Can't Post

Im looking to buy a rig at the mo (any mainstream conatiner, 170 zp main, 150 reserve, cypres ready, BOC ~2000) Ive been looking on the BPA website, and this one. Anyone know of any other places to look as there isnt much gear around at the moment![:(]



Premier PhreeZone  (D License)
May 9, 2003, 6:51 AM
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Re: [AB21] looking for rigs [In reply to] Can't Post

First question... why a smaller reserve then the main? If you can't jump that small of a main every jump then why do you want it on a jump where enough has gone wrong that you need the reserve?

There are over 35 rigs in the classifieds here that would work. But you might have to ship them over from North America to look at them.

nacmacfeegle  (D 11004)

May 9, 2003, 7:01 AM
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Re: [AB21] looking for rigs [In reply to] Can't Post

Try placing an ad on UK wreck board...
and Dirtdive
Also phone some of the gear dealers (Kit Store, Thomas Sports etc) in the BPA mag, then you can also phone the various DZs and ask to speak to their gear shops, or explain that you are looking for gear and they may be able to either put an ad on their notice board or whatever......
Good luck.

Edit aha, I see you have already found dirtdiveWink
How critical is the reserve size? PM me if a 170 res would suit....

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