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Javelin Odyssey Free fly friendly



Jul 14, 2014, 12:38 AM
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Javelin Odyssey Free fly friendly Can't Post

Currently jumping an original J5 with a DOM 07/96, love the rig compared to all the student rigs I have jumped it is incredibly comfortable and hugging during maneuvers. Looking to upgrade and am hearing some mixed thoughts on it being really free-fly friendly. Specifically in regard the main pin flap tuck tab, I personally and have heard from many reviews that this tab comes open exposing your main pin. I do not free-fly but on a semi erratic 2 way exit I had my flap come open (I did not experience a deployment and was able to pull normally) but this is definitely a concern of mine.

I guess am I being paranoid, or is this a real issue? If so can the tab be extended or is their a fix to this?

I know pack volume has a lot to do with it, my current rig is a J5 which fits a ZP 240 max main, I currently have a low bulk F111 PD-230 which is quite smaller than its max rated size and my tab still came undone.

The rig I am looking at will be a J4.5 rated at 210 Max, and I will be putting either a Pilot or Safire 2, 210 in it meaning it will be at max volume and would be more prone than my current rig.


mattjw916  (D 35134)

Jul 14, 2014, 6:23 AM
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Re: [Carbon8] Javelin Odyssey Free fly friendly [In reply to] Can't Post

I've never seen a modern Javelin that had a properly sized main come open in freefall. Plenty of people freefly in them.

On the other hand, worn out unmaintained rigs that have a main that's really too large for the pack tray frequently will... but that's not specific to Javelins. I've seen old Infinities, Talons, and anything else with main pin protection that tucks "up" do the same thing.

Bottom line IMO, is if you don't over-stuff your rig and take care of it you will never have to worry about pin covers coming open. Wink

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