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100 Way Cessna Dives in Z-Hills, Jan 2004


tkhayes  (D 18764)

Apr 21, 2003, 1:15 PM
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100 Way Cessna Dives in Z-Hills, Jan 2004 Can't Post

January 16 thru 24, we are trying to build a 100 Way from Cessnas here at Z-Hills, thanks to the organizational efforts of Dave Ruckert, who will be arriving in full glory from Australia.

That means we need AIRPLANES. If you have, or know of someone who has, a Cessna doing nothing that time of the year, and want to come to Zhills, then we need your information,

Jumps planned from 12500', need to know your costs fuel requirements, expected flying time to 12500' and any other fees you might expect to be paid for the event. We are trying to work out jump costs and registration, etc for the events. Also need your requirements for hotels/motels, facilities and such.

Contact TK Hayes directly, or call 800-404-9399 int he USA to reach me, thanks

Participants as well, please contact us or Dave Ruckert through for more info on the event.

see you there, thanks
TK Hayes
Skydive City

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