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Anyone Else Had Similar Issues With Sony CX-150 or a 110?


airbigdaddy  (D 21277)

Jun 26, 2013, 2:08 PM
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Anyone Else Had Similar Issues With Sony CX-150 or a 110? Can't Post

I could probably make this into two threads, but maybe it will be my lucky day, and someone will know a fix for BOTH issues.

I've had my Sony HDR CX-150 for three years. It has performed pretty much flawlessly until just a few days ago. I suddenly started noticing the occasional glitch (see screen shot as an example) in my video clips. They aren't there constantly, but they appear every few seconds.

I tried reformatting the card (a Sony 16GB Mark2 PRO Duo), tried using another card and even tried on-board memory as well. Same effect each time.

Just to rule things out, I switched to recording in SD mode (720x480), and there are no glitches. So, it's only there when recording in HD mode (and that includes any of the HD settings, such as HD FH, HD HQ, etc.). I figured it may have been a writing issue when dealing with so much info on the fly, but odd that it's doing it with on-board memory AND memory cards, I think.

Thoughts? Maybe the camera is just shitting the bed, but I hope not. I can only really find used CX-150s out there, and you never know what you're going to get. (My box/helmet is a RAWA made for a 150, so I'd rather not have to buy something different if I can help it.

Now, problem part two. A fellow jumper had a freebie CX-110 he got somewhere a while back that he didn't need and was kind enough to give to me. So, I've always had it on the shelf as a backup. I had tested it numerous times on the ground, and it seemed to work perfectly. So, when my 150 starting screwing up, I was able to easily fit the 110 in my box, and up I went. Well, the 110 shit itself in freefall and shut off a couple times (maybe why someone gave it to my friend for free, I suppose), recording very little video. I was able to recreate the issue on the ground and got "Memory Buffer Full" or some similar-sounding error.

The little bit I could find on the internet suggested that the 110 may not be good for high altitudes, much vibration or both. Thoughts on that?

Just sucks I had what I thought were two perfectly functioning cameras a couple days ago, and now I only seem to have half of one (meaning one that will only work well in SD).

Sorry so long-winded. Just wanted to provide enough info for possible unfucking by the masses.

Thanks for any help.
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Premier DSE  (D 29060)

Jun 26, 2013, 2:54 PM
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Re: [airbigdaddy] Anyone Else Had Similar Issues With Sony CX-150 or a 110? [In reply to] Can't Post

has nothing to do with altitudes, etc. That issue only applies to spinny devices (HDD/DVD)

I'm gonna guess at one of two things (can't tell without a stream)

A-Your imager is loose/defucktive
B-your encoder has a problem
C-Your mem card has issues.

Could be a couple other things, but if it's in HD only, not SD, then I'm gonna go with "B".

airbigdaddy  (D 21277)

Jun 26, 2013, 3:19 PM
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Re: [DSE] Anyone Else Had Similar Issues With Sony CX-150 or a 110? [In reply to] Can't Post

Afternoon, Spot. Glad to see you in here. I figured (and hoped) you might show up. :)

I figure I had ruled out C by trying a second card (and since the issue occurs with on-board memory too).

I'm assuming rather than trying to get B fixed, it's better just to try and pick up a replacement 150 on Ebay, no?

I just hate buying shit from anywhere online other than reputable folks like B&H, but it does look like a place called BestTopTronics has a good reputation, so perhaps I'll go that route and buy an open-boxed one (unless you think sending it to a Sony repair center is a better route and won't end up costing near what a new(ish) one would cost).

Thanks for weighing in. You da man.

Edited to add: Oh, and I'm assuming all those possibilities you listed obviously only have to do with the 150 and the visible glitching (save the altitude comment you mentioned that I'm guessing applies to just the 110), right?

So, if I read your response correctly, any guess what's up with the 110 and its buffering issues?

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Premier DSE  (D 29060)

Jun 26, 2013, 3:54 PM
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Re: [airbigdaddy] Anyone Else Had Similar Issues With Sony CX-150 or a 110? [In reply to] Can't Post

The buffer shouldn't be happening on a flash-based system; hever heard of that happening, so I'm a bit lost there. Happens all the time on cams with spinny things.
It means that the system can't write to the card fast enough.
Were it me, I'd run to walmart and buy a Sandisk MSPD card, 8 GB, and that way it's returnable if it turns out to not be the card.

I'm a bit flummoxed by the buffer error. Maybe Trunk has an idea.

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