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Regaining currency after long break


DvK  (B License)

Mar 22, 2013, 11:30 AM
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Regaining currency after long break Can't Post


Since the winter is coming to an end and the season soon starting again there will be quite some jumpers who start jumping again that haven't jumped in a few months. I personally haven't stopped jumping during the winter, but I've definitely been jumping a lot less the last few months.

I know there will be a lot of jumpers at my DZ who haven't jumped for a while, but don't think they've lost a certain amount of currency, or never even think about the fact that they haven't jumped for a while. I, personally, know that I've lost a certain amount of currency in the last couple of months, due to jumping less frequent. I have the opinion that every jumper loses a certain amount of currency when they don't jump for a while, regardless experience. Now someone with a couple of thousand jumps will off course lose less of his/hers currency over someone who just came off student status prior to their (winter) break.

I was wondering if there's an article out there with tips and tricks on what to do when jumpers have taken a long break. If someone knows any, could he/she please share them with the rest of us? Smile

Now I'm no instructor, nor have I been in the sport for very long (just over a year), so don't blindly follow my advice, but some useful things I could come up with are:

Prior to jumping again:
-Train your EPs, quite obvious why to do so.
-Beside the EP itself, think about how to deal with specific malfunction. As every jumper should know, different type malfunctions require different actions from the jumper.
-Go over those things that you don't want to have to wonder about when you're already in the plane, on jumprun or under your canopy. I.e. exit order, landing patterns etc.
-Go and see if there's been any service, technical or safety bulletins from manufacturers. I know there's been some in the last few months...
-Make sure that you're up to date on any changes around the DZ (environmental, procedures etc)

For the first few jumps:
-Plan your dive, obviously you should always do this. But I think it's even more important when you've been away for a while.
-Take it slow. For example: if you've done just a handful jumps a smaller canopy just before the season ended for you, don't hesitate to switch upsize to a more forgiving canopy. If you're into swooping, don't do the 270s you always do, but take a step back until you're "in the game" again.

-Go over the jumps you and others have done. Analyse how it went, what felt less comfortable or less natural after that period of doing nothing. Try to figure out why things went the way they went.

That's what I could come up with. Could someone please give me feedback on said points and contribute to the list?

Blue Skies :)

Disclaimer: English is obviously not my native language, I hope above words say what I intended them too, which I can not guarantee..

ChrisD  (No License)

Mar 24, 2013, 9:10 AM
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Re: [DvK] Regaining currency after long break [In reply to] Can't Post


In the psychology world we call this the "Hero" effect,...



Turboprop  (D License)

May 7, 2013, 9:09 PM
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Re: [DvK] Regaining currency after long break [In reply to] Can't Post

Yep going through that at present: after 18 months of a long break with a handful of jumps. In addition to what you recommended ie EPs, I did a canopy course and found an experienced jumper to do 2 ways with and build back up from there.
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