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Proxy Errors - Performance Issues


Premier sangiro
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Apr 10, 2003, 9:30 PM
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Proxy Errors - Performance Issues Can't Post


I know you've all probably been bugged by those annoying Proxy Error messages. I'm obviously aware of that and will be taking some steps to see if I can improve the performance again. At this time we're simply using more CPU power than my Dual 1.2 GHz processors can deliver. I've attached a graphic (for the geeks!) A load average of 2 means the 2 processors are both running at 100% capacity. As you can see we average at 1,93 and there are sustained periods where it stays between 4 and 6!

So, I need to do a few things to see if we can lighten the load. In the near future we will:

* move to a new server with 15k scsi drives
* upgrade to MySQL 4 (query caching in MySQL 4 greatly improves performance)
* upgrade to ReiserFS file system (a high performance file system)

This will require one to two hours of downtime to move the server over. As always I'll post a warning so the post-whores in our midst don't have too much angst. After this is done we'll monitor what happens and take further steps if needed.

A few other notes:

* this is simply a product of high traffic. Lots of server requests and processes
* high bandwidth (data transfer) usage is not the cause of these errors. While not causing the performance issues, it costs money.
* there's a lot of storage space left, no need to delete emails or PMs, although it's good discipline to clean up a bit anyway.

Thanks for your patience. Peace out! Smile

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