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cobalt info


yim666  (A 38670)

Sep 24, 2001, 3:34 PM
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cobalt info Can't Post

ok all you cobalt enthusiasts, time to sound off! i'm considering a cobalt and i would like all the info i can acquire prior to purchase. i'm primarily a freeflyer who occasionally has the go-lows. i wanna know if you can dump in a sit and stand, just in case i have to. also, i want feedback on ease of packing, packing tips (i just requested a demo) length of snivel (again, go-low concerns), best harness for a cobalt and/or freeflying, opening characteristics when doing hrw ie slow rate of travel, wing loading (i'm 200+ with gear, considering a 170) etc., etc.

Premier phreezone  (D License)
Sep 24, 2001, 4:27 PM
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Re: cobalt info [In reply to] Can't Post

Welll first off.... how many jumps do you have? Whats your level of currency? What is your current canopy? What type of pilot are you, aggresive, docile? All of this is needed to determine if the canopy is right for you.
I see in your profile that you have 80 jumps and are jumping a Sabre 210. I'm thinking that is is a little out dated info. If not steping down to a 170 highly Elliptical platform is going to be one HUGH change. Before you jump it talk to your JM's about jumping an Elliptical canopy. They handle totally different.

Packing - A straight Propack pushing in the nose worked best. Atair mentions that rolling the nose helps if you are planning on high speed opening, Skysurfing ,ect. Simple to pack. You can walk away from the canopy and it won't reinflate. Packs similar to F111.

Snivel - I got between 600-800 foot no matter how I packed it. Beautiful opening once you get used to the look of a "mal" above your head.

Opening - 3 center cells instantly, this will stand you up right. No snivel of this to happen. The end cells are pulled to the center and look like a pile of junk. The slider will start to come down the lines and the cells will unroll and open. Nice soft, but firm openings. Harder then a Spectre, lighter then a Sabre opening. This is the process for either high speed or conventional speed openings. I'd avoid the high speed openings too much because they will knock your back out fairly easly. Its my impression that they were designed as a saftey feature in the case of a premature deployment at head down speeds at least the jumper could walk away from the opening.

Flying - Flys big for its size. The 150 felt like a 160 or so. Flat Glide ratio. Very light front riser pressure required to get turning. Line twists will only cause the canopy to slightly turn while you kick out of them.

Landing-- IMHO it is a swoopy canopy. Only in a good 15 mph breeze was I able to get it to sink into the target. A straight in approch is great and a turning approch really builds up the speed. I was getting 10-15 foot swoops on the first few jumps and that was in 5 mph winds and a straight in approach. Higher speed approachs could really generate speed. Flare point is a few inches lower then a PD canopy but that's fine with me.

If you need more info give Dan a call at Atair. He's a great guy who can answer any question you have on the canopy.

Be safe, be smooth, be fast..... and most importantly.... be phree Smile

Premier SkymonkeyONE  (D 12501)

Sep 24, 2001, 5:16 PM
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Re: cobalt info [In reply to] Can't Post

Hit THIS link to get to all of the forum threads relating to Cobalts. You can narrow it down further by adding specific terms to the "search" box in the upper right of this page.


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