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Skydiving Vacations 20 Feb to 3 March!


BigBUG  (D License)

Jan 21, 2013, 1:15 AM
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Skydiving Vacations 20 Feb to 3 March! Can't Post

My US visa is on the way so now it's time to decide where to go:)

I will be traveling in USA from 02/20 to 03/03 and really would like to participate in any freefly acticity possible - but I found out that I missing all the fun. Big boogies in Elsinore and UPT meet in Eloy will be later in March :( I would try to get at least for the first days of March Madness in Sebastian, but this is questionable too :(

Do you know where I should go? I am rather free in my movements and could travel within US. If there are no boogies around (I did not find any), I am thinking about spending a week in Lodi (and jump like hell because it's cheap :), then go to Eloy and maybe to Sebastian. Any suggestions?

By the way, if you ever met a lone bearded guy with glasses in black/orange suit in your home DZ in said period - please do not bully him, it's probably me :) My funny English with heavy Russian accent should be noticeable too :)

Thanks everyone!

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