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Dec 26, 2012, 11:10 AM
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Hi there guys,

I'm a student skydiver and also a 3rd year Film Production student at Birmingham City University, UK.

I'm planning to carry out my Final Year Research Project on the use of Video cameras within the sport.
The Project is titled "The Possibility of achieving the Cinematic Look at 13,000ft".

I will be looking at the various cameras used, the techniques employed and the parameters used on these cameras
by camera users, to best achieve the Cinematic Look.

The first part of my project is to obtain answers to my questionnaire on the subject.

The second part of the project, I'm trying to resource existing available footage captured using different cameras/settings and ultimately this footage will be used as part of the project's research towards proving that it can be achieved.

I'd be very interested and grateful with any response from Professionals and anyone that uses any kind of video camera
within the sport.

If you'd also be interested in participating in a online interview via e-mail please send me a message!

Thanks and blue skies!

Hope you're all having fun over the holiday period!

Here are the questions I'm looking for responses to:

Jump Number:
Your Local Dropzone:
Camera(s) Used:
Lenses Used:
Settings Used:
Camera Helmet Used:
Most used for (e.g. tandems, students, fun):
Any example of footage you've shot with the camera? (youtube/vimeo link):
Any other points you wish to mention:

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