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Dec 24, 2012, 2:52 AM
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Username:ghtersu - Classifieds Seller Scam Can't Post

The following user has been reported by several users as a scammer. The user put up an ad over the past few days with very little information. Attached is an image screenshot of the ad in question prior to its removal.

PLEASE NOTE: The ads are often generic and copied and pasted from other legitimate ads, but the price will be too good to be true, and like they say - when it seems to be, it probably is.

Do not do business with the following username:

Username: ghtersu

Ad:Vigil2 Expert 1-pin DOM:04/20082

Vigil2 Expert 1-pin DOM:04/2008 4 year service done.

We highly recommend attempting to ask questions that are difficult for scammers to answer relating to their item, that they could not know from copy and pasting. If there is any doubt as to whether the seller is legitimate or not, we also recommend considering asking them to work the sale through their dropzone.

We ask you to remain vigilant when it comes to online purchases.

The user has been removed from the site.

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