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GoPro HERO 3 Updates available


trunk  (D 28511)

Dec 15, 2012, 11:31 AM
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GoPro HERO 3 Updates available Can't Post

I'm starting a new thread since this is not a "problem with the hero3."

It appears gopro released a new patch but they have not yet publicized it. The update is available via their website and enables the camera to connect to their updated ios and most likely android app. It also probably fixes a few bugs but have not seen the list as of yet.

The exposure lock on stills is not an added setting and the I have not tested the battery bacpac issue that others have seen.

[hacking alert - ignore if your not computer savvy or just don't care] If you are updating multiple cameras be sure not to have your camera connected when downloading. Unzip and then edit the file to set your SSID and password properly for each camera. It is a destructive update so you must recopy the file update.cmd each time. Or you can edit it and set the Options parameter back to 14.[/end hacking alert]

roostnureye  (D 32166)

Dec 16, 2012, 7:47 AM
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Re: [trunk] GoPro HERO 3 Updates available [In reply to] Can't Post

Quick Update:

when i got my camera i updated the software online before i used it, be aware the update can fail if your connection sucks and you will never know. my camera said all firmware was up to date but in reality it never updated and caused the cam to act all kinds of weird. it is updated now and works fine, but know it can happen.

gilead1  (D 26)

Dec 16, 2012, 8:41 AM
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Re: [trunk] GoPro HERO 3 Updates available [In reply to] Can't Post

Here is an issue
After I updated my camera's firmware the 1 button mode doesn't work properly.
I can't stop it, once i turn the camera on it starts filming but with a long press on the mode button it just startin a new film. a long press on the upper button do nothing.
The only solution is taking out the battery

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