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PPC rule clarification?



Nov 13, 2012, 1:39 PM
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PPC rule clarification? Can't Post

As the rules have now changed for the PPC online competition with regards to voluntary wind limits, can we upload old data?

Somewhere, I have some old V3 speed runs done at Dunkeswell, UK a couple of years ago with a >50kt tailwind. If my memory serves me correctly, they were within a couple of km/h of Robi's speed posted but I didn't upload them due to the following line which was in the rules as recently as 26 Oct 12:

PPC rules: For the time being, tracks will not be corrected for wind influence. We trust the your sportsmanship to adhere to the maximum wind conditions set by the FAI of 11m/s (22kn) for parachuting events.

This line was removed from the rules sometime since 26th Oct 2012, meaning the Elsinore comp results are now included in the online comp.

If I have previously recorded epic results with insane tailwinds then it's fair to assume the real ninja WS fliers (of which I am certainly not) will have better ones.

I know the PPC online thing is just a fun comp, but it's the best way realistically of comparing how you're doing against others outside of an actual event. It would be far more meaningful if the upper wind conditions were displayed against the scores, or all the scores adjusted accordingly.

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