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"Proper" use of a Strong D-bag


NNault  (D 32131)

Nov 8, 2012, 3:06 AM
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"Proper" use of a Strong D-bag Can't Post

Ive noticed at every...yes every.. Strong DZ that I have been to, the packers do not open the velcro flaps and place the s-folded canopy onto the flattened bag as the manual says. (I'm certainly not saying that noone does it this way) Ive actually seen many of these bags with the velcro sewn shut and the canopies are inserted as with a normal sport bag. Does anyone use the Strong bags as "directed"? For anyone who doesn't know--the Strong anti-slump bag (their d-bag) is held in iys shape with velcro and the manual says to open the bag so that it lays flat on yhe ground. After you do your s-fold you place the canopy on top of the bag and fold it around the canopy and mate the velcro thus eminating having to stuff it into the bag. Locking stows are then used to keep the top shut as per the norm. Question----isnt this a huge pain in the ass?

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IanHarrop  (C 1152)

Nov 8, 2012, 4:48 AM
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Re: [NNault] "Proper" use of a Strong D-bag [In reply to] Can't Post;#4326542

fcajump  (D 15598)

Nov 8, 2012, 5:08 AM
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Re: [NNault] "Proper" use of a Strong D-bag [In reply to] Can't Post

I was taught to pack them by opening the bag and mating the velcro last. And that's how I did it myself.

However, every packer and most DZ's I've seen either sews them or leaves them velcro'ed.

First - that just like they do every other rig... yea its bigger, so what...? Quicker to do it the same way instead of having a special method for this one brand.

Second - velcro is a high-wear item. if you don't sew up the sides, you're going to be sewing new velcro on the D-bag on a regular basis. OR (worse) you won't maintain it correctly and you'll be dealing with a D-bag that likes to slump open on the sides.

Something I've noticed with Strong is that they design gear with the assumption that it will be properly maintained. Items like velcro and spandex are GREAT for the purpose, but can cause problems when not replaced when worn out. Even closing loops on PEP's are not replaced regularly enough.

Personally I do not fault SE with this and the issue is not limited to SE gear, rather I fault the owners and riggers that don't take the time to repair/replace worn stuff before it becomes a problem.


Edited to add - I don't have any problem with people who leave the D-bag sides closed and/or sew them shut. I found it easier to open them up when dealing with a slick/new canopy, but that's just me.

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stratostar  (Student)

Nov 8, 2012, 6:56 AM
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Re: [NNault] "Proper" use of a Strong D-bag [In reply to] Can't Post

Question----isnt this a huge pain in the ass?

Nope, I like um and use them as designed.

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