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frontriserpressure on Fusion vs Sabre2


YvonneWiggers  (D 716365)

Nov 6, 2012, 2:54 AM
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frontriserpressure on Fusion vs Sabre2 Can't Post

Since I only got one useful reply in the gear-section, let me ask this here as well:

Well long story short, I only got the chance to do one demojump on a the PA Fusion I might be buying, and because of high winds and too short steeringlines I wasn't really capable of trying out everything I wanted to.

So, I read a lot about openings and flare, and as far as the flare I can confirm, it's nice. On opening I had a togglefire, so couldn't really judge if the opening is any good :P, but all I read is that it's comparable if not better than a sabre2 on openings, and I'm happy with the openings on my sabre2 135. So the only thing that's still keeping me from buying this canopy is the fact that I'm a tiny girl with no muscles at all, and if the frontriserpressure on a fusion is higher than on a sabre2, I probably won't be able to use those frontrisers.

So basically my question to you is: How is the frontriserpressure on a Fusion compared to that on a Sabre2? It would be a 120, which would bring my wingload to an astonishing 1.2.

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