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Ray Lallo Regional Director for Mountain Region


rlallo  (D 11400)

Nov 5, 2012, 10:45 AM
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Ray Lallo Regional Director for Mountain Region Can't Post

The tenets of accountability, accessibility and visibility would best characterize my personal goals when elected to serve as your USPA Mountain Region Director. I will also place a high priority on providing timely assistance and service to my fellow skydivers in addition to conscientiously supporting S&TAs, drop zone owners and members in the areas of ratings, award and wing endorsements. Of course, ensuring required documentation for demonstration skydives and waiver requests are certified and processed in a timely fashion.

As your regional director, it would also be my responsibility to remain current on administrative and business matters at USPA Headquarters by staying abreast of the Board of Directors decisions and actions while maintaining relationships I have established with current board members during my 30 years as part of our dynamic sport. These relationships will enable me to seamlessly transition into this role, ably working with fellow colleagues as the voice of the mountain region tasked with presenting and supporting our initiatives and concerns.

A commitment to active leadership and communicating in a timely, relevant and accurate manner is central to the Mountain Region Director’s position. An organization’s member’s benefit when their leader stays in touch: Interacting frequently with DZOs and instructors in furtherance of safety and standardization initiatives as well as skydiving with both novice and seasoned jumpers is one way to accomplish this. In this arena, the importance of remaining current on the latest safety, training and sport developments cannot be overemphasized. And while I will certainly rely on the latest technology to communicate with my members, I remain a fan of the old school method of communicating – making a telephone call when a conversation is the best way to address an issue, concern, or, perhaps even more importantly, to share the details of a fellow skydivers’ most amazing recent jump experience.

I would consider it an honor and a pleasure to serve as your USPA Mountain Region Director.

Candidate Biography
The following information was prepared in support of my candidacy for the position of USPA Mountain Region Director.

Personal Information

Capt. Ray Lallo Jr.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Professional Information

Employer NetJets Aviation, Inc.
Position Captain & Instructor Pilot
Licenses & Ratings Airline Transport Pilot(ATP)
Commercial MEL/SEL & Sea
Instrument and High-Altitude/Mountain Cert.
Previous: US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant (E8), Retired

USPA Information

Membership Year 1982
USPA # 56554
USPA Licenses C-17729, D-11400
USPA Ratings AFF I/E
Coach Examiner
Tandem I
Jump Information
Year of First Sport Jump 1981
Total Jumps 10,356
Jumps (01/01/10 to date) 856
Awards 84 Hours of FreeFall
8000 Jump Wings
Double Eagle

WickedWingsuits  (D 30916)

Nov 5, 2012, 11:52 AM
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Re: [rlallo] Ray Lallo Regional Director for Mountain Region [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Ray,

I live in Mountain Region. Where do you stand on the Wingsuit Instructor Rating?


rlallo  (D 11400)

Nov 5, 2012, 3:15 PM
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Re: [WickedWingsuits] Ray Lallo Regional Director for Mountain Region [In reply to] Can't Post

I am still gathering information. I held a Wingsuit instructor meeting at Mile High last month with Owen, Kip, Joel, Bj and Gary. A lot of good points and information was discussed. I will say that wingsuiting is one part of USPA. Please consider that your Regional Director will be involved in all aspects of our sport that affects 34,000 members. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the WSI issue with me. You thoughts matter. I will be holding another WSI information meeting very soon at Mile High. I will let you know the date.

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