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sit flying without backsliding? (RWunderground,1995)


patworks  (D 1813)

Oct 18, 2012, 7:09 PM
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sit flying without backsliding? (RWunderground,1995) Can't Post

How vertical RW is vertically challenging:
Fall Rates and Sit Fly

Long Answers regarding a short Question from Belboz: How do you slow your fallrate whilst sit flying without backsliding? . . . Seems to me that we should all work on a falling a little “faster” than the relaxed position so there is maneuvering room... [Barry Brumitt]

--- Yes indeedy Belboz, a relaxed sit fly position gives a righteous backslide. To demonstrate this, strangle your neighbor and fling the corpse out at 9,500 (fly over a safe area -- such as a trash dump - so as not to litter our countryside). Observe. Notice the limp butt-to-earth position? The blue lips? The Fast backslide? The backslide is caused by the legs, and ... Yes! It is your Relative-wind working with sister gravity and old mother earth providing a virtual “frisbee-mort” !

Acckk! And How-come?, you ask?

Well, (using scientific terms), because, in a symphony of new-clear-phizzics, each family member works together: thus the relative-wind provides the push; sister-gravity speeds the fall, and, of course, mother-earth sucks.

How to practice and dumfound your remaining friends:
To ground-practice a Slow Sit fall,
-- 1) get on all-fours face UP; Butt down.
-- 2) Thus positioned, _pushing_ with arms and legs gives you the desired slow sit fall rate. Arms are key-- they PUSH down! Legs are bent! Mind is resolute!

Lock the door and Try it.

> . . . Seems to me that we should all work on a >falling a little “faster” than the relaxed position so there >is maneuvering room...

Righto belboz, Doctors and other mechanics all agree. A good range-of-fall widens your range-of-fly. This is a true-fact that many satisfied users would testify to when tortured: “maneuvering room is more important than head room”

Familiar Kitchen chair solves deep mystery ---
-- the kitchen chair position gives a fall rate valuable for vRW. It is a mid-speed position that allows both the slower freak-brother recliner chair Slow-Position and the fast-Standup for a Fast position.

To understand the kitchen chair pose, film yourself (or a surviving neighbor) sitting in a genuine kitchen chair. Analyze the film carefully. Notice that the back and calves are perpendicular to the ground in this “kitchen chair” position whilst the Knees are wide-spread suggestively. Thighs are parallel to the floor. Arms are open in jesus position. (Yummy, Hold me back).

In freefall the Arms don’t push down too hard; consequently some Flare is retained in reserve. Forward movement is by leaning back. [Relative wind deflects off of your back; yak yak... see above]. Lean forward to slow and stop. A little dab will do ya. Too much lean and you fly-by. -----> zoooM!

The heartbreak of the fly-by Zoomies -- shoo-fly, Shoo!

Frequently, vRW ends up in orbiting as both partners try and zoom-in on each other. Like flies on stink, they pass, turn and repeat... a mating dance of the maladroit. To Cure the Zoomies, have one person act as base and NOT turn but do help with the vertical. The attacker handles the horizontal. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to bump. The feet legs are a bumper. Having a third person provides perspective and a witness. Also allows a very new vRWer to practice on you as target-base. Lotsa fun! --

[Disclaimer: The faint prospect of injury and/or death will not deter the true zealot! :^) ]

vRWunderground, 6.a Spring, 1995

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Oct 19, 2012, 9:01 PM
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Re: [patworks] sit flying without backsliding? (RWunderground,1995) [In reply to] Can't Post

I either took too much drugs or not enough drugs to understand this post Crazy

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