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1964 Accuracy Competitor C. Wallace, Texas


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Oct 15, 2012, 5:00 PM
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1964 Accuracy Competitor C. Wallace, Texas Can't Post

1964 Accuracy Competitor C. Wallace, Texas. Carlos Wallace was a top-ranked competitor in style, accuracy, and hell raising.

Texas accuracy meet, Wallace would lay by the target for an hour and dope out the deal. Hed watch the air, the wind, and note exit points. On jump-run in competition at about 3,500' Carlos Gene'd hassle us . . . h"Hey, man, I got the spot; lets exit together & build a three-way and freak the Judges! COOL! Hunh? . . . So, get on the step with me. . . . Ready?" Parachute meet judges did not love Carlos much hardly. He worked hard to maintain that level of trust. At that meet, when chastised + Cautioned for pulling low on a competition accuracy jump, he puffs up to his 6'2" sincere self, "Your are mistaken! I do Not pull low! Watch me with telemeters and SEE.... humpth, Snort!" . . . On his following competition accuracy run, They then watch with telemeter close up Carlos exit and promptly pull.... and then hold a body position where his 2-pilot chutes burble and can't get air and he'd take it on down another 2,500' to say 1,100' sit up, open and run downwind to stomp the disc like it was a bug. Legal: pilot chute hesitation. . . . Out of his control. Nope, Parachute meet judges did not love Carlos. He was a hard man to love. ('Tho methinks wife Marcy did + daughter, Jo, too.)
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