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A Really Good Day


FlyingRhenquest  (B 37920)

Oct 11, 2012, 11:23 PM
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A Really Good Day Can't Post

My sister's birthday was last week and I asked her a while back if she wanted to bring her daughter and come visit for the week. She said yes.

So then I ask her if they wanted to do the wind tunnel while they were here. They both said yes, so...

I also asked them if they wanted to do a tandem while they were here. They both said yes. Funny thing is, neither of them even really paused to think about it. I guess crazy runs in the family... Laugh

So we wander down to the dropzone today around 9 AM. They do all the paperwork and get manifested on load 1. I manifested on load 1 as well, and got to keep them company on their ride up, open the door, and lead the way as the first one off the plane.

It couldn't have gone much better! I think they both did really well on their jumps. Maybe we'll be seeing them in AFF training in the next few months... Sly

davelepka  (D 21448)

Oct 12, 2012, 7:13 AM
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Re: [FlyingRhenquest] A Really Good Day [In reply to] Can't Post

Sounds like a good time overall. I do have a question, did the camera guys know that this was your sister and your niece that they were filming? I didn't see you once in the plane or your exit in either of their videos, and it would have been a nice addition.

Now is the time where I play armchair quarterback, but you knew it was coming. If you bring any other family member or friends out for tandems, and they get the TI who jumped with Lisa, ask him to kindly refrain from barrel rolls on the hill.

If you watch, you'll see that they had a good exit and were stable and facing into the wind on the hill, and instead of throwing the drouge as per tandem SOP, he risks the stability of the pair with a barrel roll. You'll notice that Lisa goes from a good body position to bent almost 90 degrees at the waist because she is not aware that the roll is coming, nor how to perform a barrel roll.

Overall though, it does look like you gave your family a great into to skydiving.

FlyingRhenquest  (B 37920)

Oct 12, 2012, 7:39 AM
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Re: [davelepka] A Really Good Day [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah they knew they were my family. The one who talked to my sister got me in the plane. It would have been neat if they'd got my exit, or me yelling "Und now... ve jump!" just before opening the door, but I forgot to ask. It probably just didn't occur to anyone to disrupt the standard flow of filming. I'm quite happy with the video as it was done.

I'll ask my tandem guys to keep it calm for other family members in the future. I'm not sure if there's anyone else who would go at this point, though. If Lisa and Austin are interested in delving deeper into the sport, I might see them in AFF at some point. I'm not sure they would be, but they got a look into my world and I think they like what they saw, even if living it it doesn't prove to be for them.

TEB6363  (D 16363)

Oct 12, 2012, 4:19 PM
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Re: [davelepka] A Really Good Day [In reply to] Can't Post

I agree with Dave on the instructor not needing to throw in the barrel roll..

However, the 2nd instructor did a GREAT JOB with Austin!!! That is a perfect demo for flying your own body to stability and you don't need to over-control the student!Cool

She was doing all the basics; swimming, kicking AND trying to go fetal in the same jumpShocked Her TI did a great job.. So, Uncle Bruce, next time you see the TI, tell him good job and thanks...

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cocheese  (D 24000)

Oct 12, 2012, 5:32 PM
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Re: [TEB6363] A Really Good Day [In reply to] Can't Post

..And how does the camera gal know if she's getting shot by a 2 finger gun or if she's getting the pull sign?Wink

edit to add: " No. YOU pull!" Wink

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