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Ramblers Post Equinox Boogie 2012 - Skydiving & Music Festival


SonjaSkysister  (E 1834)

Sep 19, 2012, 8:49 PM
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Ramblers Post Equinox Boogie 2012 - Skydiving & Music Festival Can't Post

Equinox Boogie - 20th to 28th October 2012

The Registration Form is now up on the Ramblers website, as well as the Ramblers Indemnity Form and the APF M1 short-term form for visiting overseas jumpers. These can all be downloaded, filled out and e-mailed back before the start of the ‘Nox which will all save queueing up at manifest when you arrive. And Jump tickets can also be purchased on-line and be waiting for you.

Again there is an Early Birds registration raffle for 5 free jumps, and also again another raffle for 5 jumps for the Early Birders who pre-purchase the “Lob Ya Nox Off” package before the 30th September.

This year the aircraft will be two Caravans (Homer and the Sydney Skydivers’ Super Caravan). We have a great line up of staff. Gigliola Borgnis from Italy is running the Atmo / angles . Dave Morris from the UK is organising the formation flat loads. Hayden Galving from 5D Wingsuiting will be running some flocks. Tim Porter from the UK is organising Fast Flying & 1on1's on all levels FreeFLY. We also have local tutor Marc Dergacz looking after the Freefliers and Ramblers instructors and staff looking after everybody else. (Read the General Info Bulletin for more info on our website)

This year for the first time the Equinox will be open to A Certificate holders. Previously it has been B Certificate holders and above. So Star Crests and B-Rels will be on the agenda.

Pre-Nox Learning Curve Camp week, 15-19th October 2012
Come to Ramblers DZ the week before the Equinox to get coached, get current, get ready! There will be staff and coaches on site to help. If you want to attend the Equinox Boogie, but haven't got the licence - this is your opportunity! Maureen's Kitchen will be open, Motzi's Rigging will be open, Airsuits Jumpsuits will be open, and the door on Homer will be opening at 14,000' all day all the week before the real event! Reduced Gear hire for the week! Reduced coach slots for the week! And there is no Registration fee for the Pre-Nox LCC!

Again this year during Equinox we will have a Partner’s Program, so there will be things for the non-jumping wives, girlfriends, partners to do.

Other activities that the Equinox is famous for, such as the EKKA Meteor Men night jump display, the nightly bon fire, afternoon live music by Herman da German (Robert Carl Blank) around the pool, fantastic nightly raffles and the Day Tape by Elad are all Equinox highlights. And don’t forget the Talent Show on the Friday Night! Get organised for that one! There will also be other music performances mid-week. It really will be a Skydiving & Music Festival for the whole 9 day duration – yahoo!!.

This year the Equinox Rocks Concert will be held on the final Saturday night (27.10.2012) and already the awesome bands are lining up, including our fabulous DZ Band Legless. (This Concert is a “Private” party and will be for Equinox registered jumpers only. Anyone wishing to attend must register to comply with State Government Liquor Licensing laws. It is not open to the public or non-registered jumpers.)

So see you soon. Get registered, get organised with travel and accommodation arrangements, get your Partners organised, get your Talent Night act organised, and then get ready for the Equinox spirit of fabulous skydiving during the day and legendary parties in the night. For those who’ve never experienced an Equinox or our Ramblers hospitality, we invite you to come and find out why we are Famous For Fun!
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SonjaSkysister  (E 1834)

Oct 3, 2012, 8:07 PM
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Re: [SonjaSkysister] Ramblers Post Equinox Boogie 2012 - Skydiving & Music Festival [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry, but Tim Porter will not be there for 1on1's Freefly coaching. However, our Ramblers staff member Marc Dergacz will be there to look after the Freeflyers.

Marc has a Freefly Tutor rating, and is part of Team "I.T.", which came 1st in the 2011 South Qld champs in the 2-way VFS; and 2nd in the 2012 Australian National Championships in 2-way artistic event.

Marc has over 10 years of freeflying experience and is looking forward to coach all you Freeflyers at Nox12.

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