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Aug 25, 2012, 7:04 AM
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Skydive Cowtown Can't Post

Very disappointing experience due to unprofessional behavior by Scott Moore. He called me at 10 pm the night before my 0800 scheduled tandem and began ranting and raving about his "no show factor" at 0800. This was my third attempt at rescheduling, all because of weather (understandable) not because of me no-showing! I deliberately chose an 0800 jump time so we could increase our chances of being on time. I was scheduled to jump in Rhome (10 miles from my house) and he advised that they were moving to Caddo Mills in the morning due to aircraft being stuck in Witicha Falls due to weather (I'm a was clear at 10pm, and Caddo Mills is 78 miles from my home)but I advised him we would still be ready to jump at 0800 unless weather was a problem. He then demanded a $100 credit card deposit immediately to hold my 0800 jump slot! At 10pm...the night before my 0800 jump! CRAZY...seemed like he was dealing with some serious personal issues when he called me. Especially since 10 minutes before his call to me I received a call from Ben from the skydiving center to CONFIRM my 0800 jump the next day and I advised I would be there! He is angry that he got screwed on a Groupon deal he offered. He agreed to honor my two groupons for $159 and I was grateful for that. But he has some serious issues. Ben was super pleasant and apologetic for Scott's crazy behavior and she begged me to give them a chance...but I'm not willing to do so as
long as Scott Moore is around. This conversation with Scott was one of the strangest and unsettling phone conversations I have ever had....and I just had to hang up on him after 25 minutes of him ranting and raving because he was just nutty.


Aug 25, 2012, 8:14 AM
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Re: [Av8trix] Skydive Cowtown [In reply to] Can't Post

And the plot's Saturday morning at 1015 (Iwas supposed to jump today at 0800, but the weather is not cooperating) and there is another Groupon Now! Deal through Thrillzown $202 for a tandem jump if done by Sunday 2:30-3:00 - and there is 2 availability remaining. Thrillzown is the same company that I purchased my $159 tandem jump from and I was advised by Scott that they were involved in a hostile takeover and holding his money...hence this is why I was advised by Scott to get a refund for my two $159 tandem jumps and be prepared to pay cash or check upon arrival for my jump in order for him to honor the $159 price. If they had so many problems with Thrillzown, why would they seem to offer ANOTHER Groupon?!

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