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AFF 1 and 2 :D


BigDreams32  (A License)

Aug 12, 2012, 4:42 PM
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AFF 1 and 2 :D Can't Post

Hello everybody again, this weekend me and a buddy finally got around to heading to Skydive Sebastian to get started on our AFF training. We planned on camping on sight which is free of charge but changed our minds the first night we slept in the tent..It was way to hot and neither of us got any sleep. Friday morning we had about 6 hours of ground school with Norman, funniest, coolest guy in the world and he made sure me and my buddy knew everything we needed to. We couldn't jump after ground school due to high winds, so we chose to book a hotel instead to not risk losing anymore sleep since we'll be jumping the next day. luckily for skydivers in Sebastian you get discounted rates at sum hotels so that's exactly what we did. after a good night sleep we headed back to the dropzone and checked in with manifest. we got our goggles and altimeters and we were told to choose a jump suit and find a helmet. We got our rigs and met our instructors and before we know it we were on the plane. Nerves deff started to kick in but I was pretty confident since the dive flow was stapled to my head lol I had an good exit, i probably have to arch more and look up more but once we leveled off i started the dive flow and it all went pretty smooth. The feeling of jumping out and that freedom is amazing and it gave me slight memories of my tandem 2 years ago but honestly couldn't compare. 3 practice touches were solid and I got the extend my legs out sign the most. 5500 came before i knew it, waved off and pulled. One thing i realized was pulling that pilot chute out actually took more effort than i thought, required a good strong pull but I did pull myself Laugh canopy was nice and square and the flight down was majestic, couldn't believe how awesome this was! first jump and I landed on my feet and standing up Wink 30 min later was being briefed for AFF 2. Exit was my best so far, still need to spread my legs more..that's my only problem right now and it bugs the hell out of me Unimpressed this time we did 90' turns left and right and forward movement. First turn was weak, but my left turn was strong and good. Foward movement was nice and good. still need to arch and extend my legs a bit. locked on at 5500 and pulled at 5000 (a little low) on my way down i was convinced i failed that level but I didn't Cool AFF level 3 next. I just need to work on my damn legs and do sum arching exercises. Had a blast this weekend and Skydive Sebastian is an awesome dropzone, instructors were all super helpful and I can't wait to go back and finnish up Smile blue skies

dthames  (D 34390)

Aug 12, 2012, 8:00 PM
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Re: [BigDreams32] AFF 1 and 2 :D [In reply to] Can't Post

Sounds like you are off to a good start. Congratulations.

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