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Contour on REvolve Helmet, 135 or 170 deg?


klafollette  (D 26795)

Jul 31, 2012, 5:24 AM
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Contour on REvolve Helmet, 135 or 170 deg? Can't Post

Yeah, I've been using search through the forum to find an answer to this question, but haven't found it yet. I"m looking to get a Contour to mount on my REvolve full-face, either the Roam or HD. I'm concerned that the 170 deg FOV on the Contour Roam would end up getting a good chunk of my helmet in the shot. Anyone have direct experience with the combo? Other option is to go with the the Contour HD which has a FOV of 135 deg, but I like that the Roam looks simpler to use with just the slide on/off switch. No other power button to deal with. Planning to get the BoneHead mounting plate with the Contour Rail. Anyone have direct experience with the combo?

Getting for personal use, mostly on RW jumps, would like the wider FOV of the HD, but not if all I'm getting in the shot is a bunch of helmet. Crazy

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Mechan1cus  (B 7710006)

Sep 14, 2012, 6:29 AM
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Re: [klafollette] Contour on REvolve Helmet, 135 or 170 deg? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, I have REvolve with Contour HD 1080p attached with Bonehead rail. Basically it shoots in 5 modes:

Full HD 1080p (19201080 @30fps) 110 angle
Tall HD 960p (1280960 @ 30fps) 135 angle
Action HD 720p (1280720 @ 60fps) 135 angle
Contour HD 720p (1280720 @ 30fps) 135 angle
Fast SD WVGA (848480 @ 30fps) 110 angle

You can select two of them while the camera is connected to your computer and switch between these two later. There is no helmet in my videos in any of these modes.

Roam shoots in 3 modes -
1080p at 30/25 fps with 125 degree field of view,
960p at 30/25 fps with 170 degree field of view and
720p at 30/25 fps with 125 degree field of view

So if you'll get Roam - you can just use it in 125 deg modes and that's it. Some of my friends have Roams, and while I've been watching their 170 deg videos I almost got a seasick. They have different helmets, but there are their eyes and noses everywhere.

Also I have broken the camera rails once at nasty landing. Contour sent me a new one for free, but because of my distant location (Russia) I had to wait for the package for 2 month.

As for me - the camera protrudes too far from the helmet, sometimes it clash with metallic parts of my risers.

So I'm designing my own camera mount now, but it's at prototype stage yet. Trying to minimize entanglement probability and protect the camera.

Pictures are here:
Bonehead rail:

And if you're interested - my concept:

This is the latest 3D model, but you need to have Chrome of Firefox to see it.

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