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GoPro 2 Resolution and FOV


kleggo  (D 8292)

Jul 17, 2012, 4:19 PM
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GoPro 2 Resolution and FOV Can't Post

The oh-so-busy gopro site lists the following

wide (170) FOV
medium (127) FOV
narrow FOV (90) FOV

#1. when shooting @ 90 or 127 FOV, that doesn't actually increase the apparent depth of field does it? I would think no, so

#2. do people typically shoot @ reduced FOV's to reduce / eliminate fish-eye disctractions, i.e.; seeing your hands in the shot?



Premier DSE  (D 29060)

Jul 17, 2012, 4:48 PM
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Re: [kleggo] GoPro 2 Resolution and FOV [In reply to] Can't Post

1-FOV=Field of View (how wide the lens sees)
DOF=Depth of Field (depth of focus point within that field of view.
FOV and DOF aren't related in terms of this discussion

2. A narrower FOV will reduce what you see in the frame, ie; hands, ringsights, etc.

A narrower FOV also provides for a more saturated image, but this is related to the compression software in a specific camera, not the FOV itself.

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