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Converting a camera suit into a jacket?


2ndgensteinke  (F License)

Jul 12, 2012, 9:17 PM
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Converting a camera suit into a jacket? Can't Post

Hey all, was thinking about getting a new camera jacket, but instead thought about cutting the suit in half and making my own jacket.
I can say that I have never put on a camera jacket and don't know the components of it, I currently have a tony camera suit with the larger D wing (the bottom of the wing is connected to leg straps Via clips) is there any connection points that are used to hold the jacket itself down, so nothing comes blowing up over my handles? The only jacket I ever saw had stretchy spandex around the waist to aid in keeping it down, any thoughts or ideas? or should I just buy a jacket? thanks in advance! Smile

bdazel  (D License)

Jul 13, 2012, 3:58 AM
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Re: [2ndgensteinke] Converting a camera suit into a jacket? [In reply to] Can't Post

In my experience, jackets have elastic material around the waist and sometimes snaps or other fasteners to connect to pants or shorts. Elastic should work fine if the jacket fits well. Use a piece of elastic material that is strong, use a double layer, and make it 3-4 inches wide (vertically when worn). Be sure that you don't cut the jacket too short. You probably want the elastic to hug the area just below the top of your hips. Let it overlap the top of your pants by a couple inches at least. I've had jackets where the bottom tends to ride up above the waist because they were too short and didn't fit well.

One thing to look at is how closely the jacket material fits around the chest at the armpit level. If the fit is good around your torso and under the arms, then raising your arms shouldn't cause too much movement in the waist area and the jacket will stay in place better during freefall and deployment.

Even if it does have a tendency to ride up in the waist area, unless it's very baggy, it shouldn't significantly affect your access to your emergency handles. The wing itself will always be a bigger risk in that area.

Good luck, sounds like a fun project.

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