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attn: lodi locals


uberchris  (A License)

Jun 3, 2012, 2:51 PM
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attn: lodi locals Can't Post

i left my logbook at the end of april, sitting on that long, brown rectangular bench thingy by where everyone packs in the main hangar, just right when you walk in straight ahead and to the right...........its got a grey cover, my names chris w.

i have been gone for a month back east, and im gonna be gone another week and a half before i can come back up. i called bill and he hasnt seen anything.............

if anybody has seen/heard, could you please shoot me a PM and hang on to it or see that someone does? im not really tripping too hard, my jumps are in the computer and i can always start a new logbook...........

thanks in advance

jf951  (D License)

Jun 10, 2012, 12:21 PM
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Re: [uberchris] attn: lodi locals [In reply to] Can't Post

theres a very good chance it will be right where you left it or with in a few feet when you get back, a log book isnt something a wuffo would try to steal and other skydivers know its not theirs so they just leave it. i've left stuff like that out there before and it's right where i put it down. dont worry too much, i'm sure you'll get it back

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