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Nonrepeaters and some blocks...!!!


kemaljump  (D 471)

May 5, 2012, 5:03 PM
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Nonrepeaters and some blocks...!!! Can't Post

Hi everybody... Blue skies...
My question is that, as it is known, for AAA class competition all 22 blocks are used... as also it is known by the advanced formation skydiving team that, block numbers 3,5,10,12,16,17 are all interesting blocks that in the team, some guys are called nonrepeaters and changge their standart mission of moves... but sometimes when rounds are chosen, some nonrepeater bloks may come after eachother...
my question is that, how should be solved if in one round for example 19,16,5... and also this kind of rounds need some arrangements I guess... so is there any formulation to solve this kind of rounds full of nonrepeaters movements...
thanks for all who are interested in my posts...
blue skies...

rehmwa  (D 12816)

May 7, 2012, 7:23 AM
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Re: [kemaljump] Nonrepeaters and some blocks...!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

fun thread on the topic linked below -

I recommend cross training with peice partners for single and double slot switchers. And identifying those key formations that are friendly to slot switchers. engineering just take someone familiar with this and able to figure it out on a dive by dive basis.

Sometimes you get lucky and those slot switchers will just unwind themselves......
post 19 of the thread is the one you are looking for.

so - your dive 19-16-5 (every one is different)

19 is a non-switching block (the point piece on 19 is a potential swing move out of the bottom since it's long - but it's not a super easy one)

16 would be a single slot switcher that actually lends itself to either piece switching - though a normal continuity would typically still have it in the point piece - depends on which way you spin it

5 would be a double slot switcher

just running it with the switch in the front on 16 and the double switch on 5, would have the front end unwinding between 16 and 5. Thus only the tail piece would have to remember the full flow of 12 points. no biggie and that's what I'd do.

if you spin the 16 the other way, the tail piece unwinds and the point piece has to remember the long series. likely smart also as the point piece would likely be better cross trained to B moves.

if you spin the 16 the other way and take extra time to swing move out of the 19 finish, then everyone is unwound and everybody can take a 6 point dive - it's an ugly swing move in this case though.....

lots of options, and i'm sure one or more of these options would be rejected upon creeping it for real - I bet a pro would figure out something even better - I'm always amazed at what the guys come up with....

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