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Include "State" in User Profile Data


JohnRich  (D License)

May 2, 2012, 12:02 PM
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Include "State" in User Profile Data Quote | Reply

This request has been made before, and ignored. It's time to try it again.

See the attached image from a personal profile page. Notice that a space is provided for the user's country, and one for their city. But there is nothing for a State! In this particular example, the city is "Arlington", but the problem is, there are numerous states containing cities named Arlington. They include: TX, WA, MN, VA, MA, OH, TN, KS and SD. So having the city information, without the state, is useless. We can't help someone with the specific info they need about facilities in their area, since we have no clue about what state they live in.

Please add "State" to the profile information!
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