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IBA competition Tour stop at iFLY Orlando coming soon



Mar 29, 2012, 1:03 PM
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IBA competition Tour stop at iFLY Orlando coming soon Can't Post

Online registration is open for the iFLY Orlando competition April 13/14

iFLY Orlando and the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) are pleased to announce the second stop of the IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Tour 2012.

About the iFLY Orlando competition

We will offer four disciplines to compete in with some further broken down into classes to accommodate all skill levels.
Formation Skydiving (FS): Open, Intermediate and Rookie Class; 8 rounds
Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS): Open class only; 8 rounds
2-way Vertical Formation Skydiving (2-Way VFS): Open, Intermediate (6 rounds) and Rookie Class (4 Rounds)
Freefly: Open class only; 3 rounds
Neo-Freestyle (a solo performance combining Freefly and Freestyle): Open class only; 3 rounds

Can be found on the IBA competition page (

Judging will be done by renowned competitors and IBA Trainers. Neo-Freestyle will also be judged on the IBA Facebook and You Tube pages for an "IBA community's choice award" at the end of the Tour. Prizes will include free tunnel time as well as cool wind-tunnel gear.

• 1st Place: 30 minutes of tunnel-time
• 2nd Place: 15 minutes of tunnel-time
• 3rd Place: Cool wind-tunnel gear from Square 1


April 13:
Freefly and Neo-Freestyle
• 9:00 pm meet at the tunnel
• 10:30 pm practice flights (for speed check)
• 11:00 pm competition start

April 14:
• 6:00 am meet at the tunnel
• 6:30 am practice flights (for speed check)
• 7:00 am competition start
• The draw will take place on April 13 at 6 pm and posted on the IBA Facebook page

April 14:
2-way VFS
• 8:00 pm meet at the tunnel
• 8:30 pm draw
• 10:30 pm practice flights (for speed check)
• 11:00 pm competition start

Training and Coaching
Specifically for the tour, we've set up special training rates for registered competitors to spark that competitive spirit. Once you have registered you are eligible to book 10 minutes of tunnel-time for $129.95 during special times.

We also have set up coaching nights with Luis Prinetto (FF) and Robert Chromy (FS) on April 4th and 12th from 10:30 pm to 12:30. $129.95 for 10 minutes of tunnel-time plus a cash coaching fee to Luis or Chromy. Limited availability, reserve your slots now.

To book for the coaching nights and special training-time call iFLY Orlando (407) 903-1150.

For additional coaching please contact:
Luis Prinetto (FF):
Scott Palmer (FF):
Robert Chromy (FS):
Ari Perelman (FS & FF):

Competition entry fees per team are:
FS and VFS: $350
2-Way VFS: $250 (Rookie $200)
Freefly: $150
Neo-Freestyle: $100

How to Register
Competitors can register on the IBA site or by calling the wind-tunnel. Pre-registration is mandatory and the be st way to stay up to date is to "fan" the IBA facebook page.

IBA Site
IBA Facebook

Who Can Compete?
We encourage all flyers of all skill levels to participate. Competitors need to be signed off by the IBA on the transitions required for the class in which they are competing, but local wind-tunnels will be more than happy to suggest events and coaching programs to participate in to get competitors ready.

Need a team-mate?
If you are looking for a team-mate, you can find a link to a "Rendezvous sheet" on the IBA competition page (

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