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1961 Blimp Jumpers' Names


ripcordbk  (D 358)

Mar 12, 2012, 6:44 PM
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1961 Blimp Jumpers' Names Can't Post

As promised in a previous thread, here are the names of the 10 skydivers that jumped out of a blimp on June 28, 1961, at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in NJ. These are presented in the order that appeared in the newspaper that covered the event, not in the order we exited the airship.

Anybody know where any of these guys are today?

1. 1st Lt. E. E. Bajer, Fort Dix
2. F. R. Ehrlich, SN, NATTU
3. D. R. Cox, SN, NATTU
4. Bob Kellen, SN, ZW-1
5. Lt. Cdr. Tom Pugh, ZW-1
6. 1st. Lt. R. H. Goetz, Fort Dix
7. Chuck Clifford, ADE3, ZW-1
8. Don Shoop, AEC, ZW-1
9. Chuck Seymour, PR1, NATTU
10. Ed Kruse, PR1, NATTU

Two years ago, I heard that Don Shoop was building and flying planes somewhere in Minn.

In 1962, Chuck Clifford and D. R. Cox were jumping with the Navy Shooting Stars Parachute Team, but I lost touch after that.

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