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Andy's Birthday Banner Jump


BossHogSkyDog  (A 35087)

Feb 1, 2012, 12:04 PM
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Andy's Birthday Banner Jump Can't Post

First off, the DZ Forums were an invaluable resource for me to gather info on making my pre-second banner jump and I thank all the peeps who posted info on this type of skydive!

So, we thought it was a fitting idea to honor our friend Andy on his birthday with a banner jump. He was diagnosed with brain tumors 2 years ago and this past Sunday was his 32nd B-Day.

I hand made this banner in my sign shop with some vinyl graphics on a piece of "cut to size" banner material (it came out 3'x3'). Then I double stick taped a stiffener in the handle side. Once it was all cut out and reinforced with more double stick tape, my gorgeous girlfriend took it to work for all his friends to sign, then we took it to the sky on his B-Day. Our friend CJ filmed and we edited up a copy of the jump for all to see....

A quick Google search for "Banner Skydive" will turn this up too!

Before and after pictures of the banner are also attached to this message. Free fall will undoubtedly beat the snot out of this type of material, but it made for an even cooler memento, post jump.

I didn't know what to expect drag wise, force wise, etc. What an experience! Climb out alone was a challenge (poised launch from the C-182). Free-fall was a hoot! Banners like this will make you backslide and can turn you unexpectedly and expectantly! Keeping a hold of the banner handle at pull time caused a slight left turn, but not enough to even cause any line twist. I heard from the ground crew that the noise was AWESOME! and that we should employ this for demos to get spectators attention, hehehe. Noisy eh!

Well it all went well, I wound up clipping it off to my camera suit wing attachment point after hitting the saddle and flew it safely in for landing.

This one goes out to Andy, an awesome dad, an amazing musician, and an all around great guy! Missed and loved by many.... Blue skies from now on Brother Man * Angelic

I hope you all get a chance to see this little video we created for our friend, please thumb it up if you get the chance and Blue Skies to all!!!!

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