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DB Cooper



Dec 6, 2011, 12:59 PM
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     DB Cooper  

Long story short,in 76-77 my uncle that lived on Mercer Isld. took us to a place called Ape Cave. After hiking we went back to the big white cady he drove & we ate lunch. In the trunk he had these big replicas of airliners,he had a friend that worked for Boeing. As we played with the jets i noticed a man looking at us,he was leaning on a station wagon i think. He walked over to my uncle,made small talk then came over to us.He proceeded to tell us every detail about these jets,then he made a very odd comment,he said"Ive jumped out of one of those big bastards". I thought why?He said "thank you for your time" shook my uncles hand & walked back to his car. He was in his 50-60s,receding hair,but very black,tall & thin. He had big aviator sun glasses,sharply pressed tan pants & a olive t-shirt. He was taking shots from a small pocket flask & smoked cigs with what i thought was the pic of shakespere on the pack.I now know the brand was Raleigh. I was told by one other person very few people knew the brand of his cigs & i got it. I knew nothing about this cooper guy untill 2wks ago so i looked his pics up on the web & i can say im 99.9% sure it is the man i saw.

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Dec 6, 2011, 1:06 PM
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Please see the fine folks over in this epic DB Cooper thread.

Shutting this one down.

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