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Building a camera helmet cutaway


aeroflyer  (C License)

Dec 4, 2011, 7:59 PM
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Building a camera helmet cutaway Can't Post

I would like to make a cutaway for my helmet, since it doesn't come as standard or as an option. The helmet is a skysystems benny (yes, laugh, cheap pro-tec like clone), and the camera is a go-pro in a square1 go-pro mount. What I want to do is just a simple two ring cutaway like the cookie system, but I plan to make it myself / have the local rigger help me. Are there any known designs that work well or don't work? I was just thinking something similar to the cookie one, I might have to add a chin-cup to get it to work.

I even put off jumping the go-pro till I get the thing made.

Edit: skysystems has a cutaway system, but it isin't like the cookie 2-ring system, it's a spring loaded pin. I don't think this is sufficient, because under a load it seems obvious that friction on the pin could stop it from coming out.

It might be good just to get the chin-cup one from cookie if it can be adapted, without a chin-cup skin could get caught in the 2-ring action...


Skysystems cutaway system (spring pin)

Cookie cutaway system (2-ring)

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