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Body Position for Tracking


aeroflyer  (C License)

Dec 3, 2011, 2:09 AM
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Body Position for Tracking Can't Post

This may have been discussed before, but what do you believe is your best body position for tracking? It would be good to collect this information in one thread for people to learn from.

These are my best tracks so far:

Belly track:

Palms up (back of your hand facing down), head tucked towards chin quite a bit, zero to very small de-arch, arms straight at sides, not against body but a little bit away, legs straight, not together but a natural shoulder-width gap, toes pointed, belly sucked in. My most efficient track in terms of glide is fairly head-down, maybe -15 or -25 degrees in pitch. If you're body is flat and not leaning towards your head tracking, I don't believe you'll go as fast.

The lowest (vertical) speed I've gotten from my pro-track is 80MPH (SAS mode) or 92MPH (TAS mode).

Back track:

I've only done maybe 6 dedicated back-tracking jumps and only recently became able to keep heading 100%, but this is it for me: Palms down, arms slightly away from body at sides, feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed, arched back, look up and above your head towards the direction of flight for the best track (assuming you don't have to watch people). Still not as good as my belly track, best 102MPH (TAS mode pro-track) but improving. I've heard of some people having very mean back tracking skills it may be even more efficient than belly tracking when you're good at it (in terms of limitations of the human body to take an efficient position).


Ronaldo  (D 34728)

Dec 3, 2011, 7:49 AM
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Re: [aeroflyer] Body Position for Tracking [In reply to] Can't Post

Get a Flysight and find out which position works best for you with precise data. Experiment with different positions and check the results.
I have one for wingsuit jumps but Im planning to test it with a tracking suit

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