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Origin of "Army Air Field order number"


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Nov 21, 2011, 6:13 PM
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Origin of "Army Air Field order number" Can't Post

In another thread, a poster quoted from 105.3: "Approved parachute means a parachute manufactured under a type certificate or a Technical Standard Order (C23 series), or a personnel-carrying U.S. military parachute (other than a high altitude, high speed, or ejection type) identified by a Navy Air Facility, an Army Air Field, and (sic) Air Force-Navy drawing number, an Army Air Field order number, or any other military designation or specification number."

NAF (Navy Air Facility) I understand.
Air Force-Navy drawing number I understand.

I do not understand "Army Air Field" drawing number. I suspect the original term was "Army Air Force" (the WW2 organization that preceded the creation of the US Air Force as an organization separate from the Army), abbreviated as AAF, then expanded to "Army Air Field" by someone unfamiliar with Army Air Force.

Were there particular Navy Air Facilities that were responsible for parachute design? If so, which ones? Or is "Navy Air Facility" synonymous with what we would call a Naval Air Station today?

Is there in fact a such thing as an Army Air Field drawing number? If so, were there particular Army Air Fields that were responsible for parachute design? If so, which ones? Or if it was Army Air Force, then were there particular bases or facilities that were involved?


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