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Good instructor and DZ experience, recommendation


buckywaldorf  (Student)

Oct 14, 2011, 11:47 PM
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Good instructor and DZ experience, recommendation Can't Post

Did my first jump at Skydance today (6th ever) and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect because all my other jumps were at another great DZ that I no longer live near.
My instructor Jackson was highly effective: simple, clear communication pre-jump, enough repetition to sink in, relaxed attitude that kept my nervousness to a minimum and helped me think straight during my jump.
I originally went just to check it out and see what the vibe was like and ended up having a great jump. I asked about the instructors in the office and they introduced me to Jackson, he looked at my logbook and watched a vid of my last jump to get an idea of where I was at in my training. Because it was my first time there he gave me a very thorough safety briefing, fully checking my understanding of all safety related procedure. It was almost like my first ground school, I was impressed with the time I was given for no extra charge.
My pre-jump instruction was very thorough and detailed as well. Jackson is also a wind tunnel coach and was able to communicate simply, exactly how to execute the required maneuvers. We practiced my exit and went through the dive verbally several times until we were both satisfied.
In short, as I mentioned above the instruction was laid out simply, there was enough repetition that I remembered what to do while falling/standing in the door of the plane and the laid back attitude was just what I needed to not be more nervous than I already was!

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