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Solo Paraplegic jump.. Its on



Apr 28, 2011, 1:47 PM
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Solo Paraplegic jump.. Its on Can't Post

Well its started, and hopefully will be fully on in a few weeks

First a little about me I am a T12 paraplegic from a motorcycle accident 10years ago May 2001

Before my accident I had just over 100 jumps and around 10 of them on brand new gear that I still have so if anyone wants a 135 Vengeance let me know, at the time I did not want to sell it.

One year after my accident in 2002 I did a solo jump as a paraplegic but it was too soon to return. it was too different from my non injured days and with some ownership changes at the DZ I left the sport

Last year I attended a boogie at a local drop zone meeting up with my jumping buddies from the past and the jump bug started to come back.

So here I am today the bug is fully back and I hope to get back into the sport in a big way.

I have looked over the manual that Rod produced about disabled skydiving and read quite a few threads on this site, lots of good information.

My only issue I have to work out is the landing, the jump I did after my injury was good until I was under canopy having my legs dangling under me was not comfortable at all and the landing was ok but I had a group of friends catch me.

It seems that the best way to land is to have straps from the knees to the chest strap that is hooked up after the canopy is open and on track and to have a well padded bottom area?

I have my original AFF instructor helping me get back into this and he is more exited then me I think, so I will be in great hands.

Any advice is welcome, I look forward to joining the solo para jump club again.

Lonnie  (C 2051)

Apr 28, 2011, 6:09 PM
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Re: [brokenback] Solo Paraplegic jump.. Its on [In reply to] Can't Post


You'll figure out what works best for you. I land with nothing, others use the strap


Apr 30, 2011, 6:20 AM
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Re: [Lonnie] Solo Paraplegic jump.. Its on [In reply to] Can't Post

GREAT!!!! very good to read this post today!

Like Lonnie said, you will figure out what works best for him.
Various paraplegics land in different ways. Dale, myself and Peter all use straps to pull up legs, while Lonnie (and maybe also Jarrett? )do not.

Read the forums, check out the things other para's here are doing and talk it over with your AFF instructor, who may wish to contact the instructors who taught Dale and myself, as Peter's coach is in eternal FF (BSBD Tonto Oct 28 2007)


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