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2011 CRW Oka Cup Report



Apr 26, 2011, 12:34 PM
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2011 CRW Oka Cup Report Can't Post

This past weekend, the 10th annual Oka Cup at the Parachute Center, Lodi, CA.
Weather was mostly cloudy but the ceiling was high enough not to hamper the 8000 foot exit altitude.
20 CRWdogs and their families attended, enjoying skydives, dinner parties and new this year, the Oka Cup tee shirts. Oh, did I mention great parties?

Friday: There was the usual catching up with old dogs and meeting new CRWdogs. The Easter Bunny paid a visit giving out Ken Oka pull-up cords. To the delight of everybody, Yuliya, artist extraordinaire, made a surprise appearance. Bart Stonestreet could not jump due to a back injury but came out anyway. “Dinking with CRWdogs is better than drinking alone.” Unless you pass out and the Artist uses your face as a canvas. Can you say, Pagliacci or how about Asian hooker? Chico showed up. Then déjà vu, Chico showed up again?? It turns out that it was his look-a-like brother, Joe.
The Dogs formed into 2-way and 3 & 4-way teams. There were no wraps but two problems with deployment malfunctions. It was not clear if it was just one of those things or if it was something to do with packing.
The 4-way team, Two Wrapped Up went for wine tasting trip by landing “somewear out dare in dem grapes.”
Dinner was grilled tri-tip with bean and rice and home made tortillas.

Saturday: With the clouds and hangovers from the night before, it was a slow start. Some of the teams remained the same, others reformed and still others, keeping with the CRWdog spirit, took newbies and novices for one on ones.
Bart got his regional CRW judge rating and Micah his 4-stack.
At the awards banquet, great music was provided by Chico’s brother’s band, Spur Of The Moment. There was a standing ovation and lit cigarette lighters when Chico stood in and played a couple of songs.
Door prizes included things every CRWdogs can use: booze, Oka plum jelly, Oka Cup coffee mugs, Ken Oka panties and freefall paraphernalia.

Sunday: Lower clouds and spotty rain.
The 2-way Oka Cup has morphed into a coffee table and now needs to be shipped. 2-way went to Two Wrapped Up – Don Johnson and Chico Tomaselli.
The “Not on our mantel” 4-way rot/seq Oka Cup went to the pickup team California Connection – Yuliya Korkh, Taylor Cole, Will Kitto. To ensure the trophy was not “forgotten” and left behind, team Redline taped it to the hood of Taylor’s car. The 2-way internet is still pending. Due to bad weather, we are keeping the event open for a couple of weekends. Thanks Everybody for the Great Time….See You at the Next OKA CUP

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