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Oka Cup Internet Meet



Mar 10, 2011, 12:11 PM
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Oka Cup Internet Meet Can't Post

Update for the Internet Oka Cup 2-way. Two dive competition
For those that can not make it to the Oka Cup... 2009 winner = Brits YappyDoggs; 2010= Aussies Ookoonono.

CRWdog Gary Taylor set up a new Internet skydiving judging system. There are some details that need to be worked out. but we will use his system for the Cup.
Contact Gary at:
Skydive Arizona
CC: Gary Taylor
4900 N. Taylor Rd
Eloy, AZ 85131

Let me know you are competing. Attached are the dives: #1= AFCDA, #2= BFDAC
Between now and Easter weekend, do the 2 jumps with video. On the video lead, Team Name, Oka11, Dive#,
You need to send a CD copy of your CRW dives to Gary. He will post it.
Frank Lupica is heading up the Oka Cup judging.
Check it out Gary's website. The non-USA teams, contact Gary on CD shipping details.
Fondle some nylon.......Ken


Mar 10, 2011, 7:07 PM
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Re: [bbqribs] Oka Cup Internet Meet [In reply to] Can't Post

I have addressed cd mailers for anyone who needs them.. specifically
made to mail a cd using only a single stamp. Let me know if you'd like
me to send some to your dropzone..
You can send me the original files, or a dub'd down version.. it
doesn't have to be a CD.. if it's easier to send it on a USB or flash
drive I can make sure you get it back..

-- Gary


Mar 21, 2011, 7:02 PM
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Oka Cup Listt [In reply to] Can't Post

10th Annual CRW OKA CUP
April 22-24, Easter Weekend
Parachute Center, Lodi, CA

o Casual CRW meet
o Internet 2-way dives: #1= AFCDA, #2= BFDAC
o Regional CRW judge’s course
Let me know if you plan to attend and/or participate.
We need to plan to for the judge’s course, food for the parties and setup Internet video/judging.

Fri = Skydiving, Tri-tip with beans and rice
Sat= Skydiving 8:00 am, Spaghetti with meat balls and awards
Guest: Gentleman Jack and Johnie Blue

1 Ken Oka
2 Craig Stapleton
3 Mara Stapleton
4 Frank Lupica
5 Eric Gallan
6 Chase Bradshaw
7 Dan Hendrix
8 Gary Peters
9 Scott Shumway
10 Sharon Shumway
11 Don Johnson
12 Taylor Cole
13 Bill Mershon
14 Terrina Marchand
15 Chico
16 Micah Van Nuys
17 Scott Torborg
18 Sean Jones
19 Will Kitto
20 Mike Mckenzie
21 Abbie Mashaal
22 Idaho
23 Bart Stonestreet

Basic Travel Info:
Sacramento Airport is 45-min away. San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland airports are 2-hrs.
Lodging in Galt (closest to Stapleton’s house) - Royal Delta $; Best Western-Galt Inn $$$. Comfort Inn $$$, camping/showers at the DZ.

Fondle some nylon, Ken

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