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Pookieland invites the Gimp to meet team dumb ass



Jan 2, 2011, 5:33 PM
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Pookieland invites the Gimp to meet team dumb ass Can't Post

What a whirl wind tour,
Pooke shows up to share pookieland and show me his team, his main coaches, mentors, and just plain *ssholes he knows- who seem to be totally the best kind of *ssholes I've ever met yet.

So the day started with a surprise knock on the door, with Pookie driven around in his pimpin golf cart, and beautiful lady driver, (not to mention the butler who come a knocking on the door I'm choosing my words carefully here- butler will do for what pookie calls some of his buddies Wink )

the drinks were flowing, all good spirits were,
and the world was rocking, for a while,
to have 2 crips crashing in my crib here at zhills was
an adventure in juggling wheelchairs, and parts there of, into a trailer meant for the walkers,
while the scene evolved into a puzzle of bodies on the floor, a mids wheelchair parts and I slept barricaded by all that... but a great night it was....
Patron flowing and laughter abounding.

there were adventures the next day...
which I suppose I'll write a 2nd post about.
there worth their own separate post for sure.


Jan 2, 2011, 5:45 PM
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Jerry Bird and the flying potatoes.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Meeting team dumb ass,
also means meeting some legendary folks,

folks who sit around talking about what was, what is, can be, and will be....

folks who gather around their trailer, and chat it up,
and party like its supposed to be done.

Down the road I come, upon a friendly wave inviting me,

as Jerry Bird is shooting with his potato gun at me,
I KNEW this had to be a good thing! Cool
'he's not dead! Jerry Bird is alive and shooting potatoes, & I'm in the middle of this....

having wine with these fellows, and
eventually getting towed by an ATV (or I suppose I just decided to hang on, even when we ended up in rough terrain for a 360-where I realized my lil wheelchair cant quite keep up the performance scale to this ATV...

back to the trailer to see if there was anything falling from the sky- other then potatoes...

meeting people who I've realized have more to teach me then I have lifetimes to learn- and they've been there, done this, and that.....

onward we go, back up the road after the visiting and drinking wine with Jerry, Pookie and I decide to grab a hold of another of his team members trucks to get a tow back to the Bar.....

a bar open 24 hr/day.... internet cafe, city hall, riggers loft, manifest, packing tents, lead organizer, all sorts of people to meet,and greet with Pookie as a guide, to do some introductions...

I think this is going to be a great place to park my butt for a while....

now that I've recognized the big black spiders coming in are not black widows, the red ants are staying outside,
team dumb ass members have begun to materialize before me and this DZ is starting to feel like a home slowly.

glad Jerry Bird had bad aim today,
but there's always the next time Sly

Rick  (D 28557)

Jan 3, 2011, 12:25 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] Jerry Bird and the flying potatoes.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome to the HillsSmile

It was quite a time at the bar yesterday a bunch of assholes and they all got stories LaughLaugh

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