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Go Pro SOS error



Dec 10, 2010, 9:27 AM
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Go Pro SOS error Can't Post

Most people using gopro's have at one time got a SOS error. This is normally recoverable by just placing the card back in the camera and allowing the camera to "Finalize" the footage. However, if you place the card in another camera or the camera is destroyed, you are not able to finalize the footage. That was the case until someone came out with the below utility. I've tried this on some corrupt junk day footage and it works great. The utility does not fix the audio track, but for us that is generally fine.

Go Pro MP4 repair utility
This is for a PC only and you'll have to install PERL. The recovered file may only work in VLC and you're editing software. So you will want to re-encode it after the process. It seems its a readable file after the fix, but its not 100% compliant.


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