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where to get tracking coaching


miconar  (D 1084)

Jul 6, 2010, 2:07 PM
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Hi everyone

My passion in skydiving is tracking. Of my 450 jumps I guess more then 250 are tracking jumps, probably about half of that solo tracking and the rest mostly two and three ways and about thirty jumps were six to ten ways with Marco and Giglioglia Tiezzi organizing at Skydive Marche, Italy.

I'm looking to go on a skydiving trip some time in the next few months. I will very probably be in new york some time in september, so if I can do my skydiving in the US around that time, all the better, but europe works as well.

I want to get tracking coaching, preferbly in a place where there are also organized tracking jumps or just many people tracking about. A posibility to get a first flight course for wingsuiting with rental suits is a plus, but not a must. I am willing to pay for full days of one on one instruction if need be, but prefer the load organizing way. Jumping seven days a week with many loads per day and easy weather is definetly very important to me.

I had tons of fun last year in the atmonauti pro boogie with the Tiezzies in Marche, Italy, and am considering going back again, but havn't recived any answer to my emails trying to find out if and when it is happening again this year, any info on that is welcome.

So these are basicly my issues I'm looking to work out for my coming trip, any ideas are very welcome.

Thank you for reading :-)

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