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West Coast CRW Challenge



Jun 28, 2010, 11:39 AM
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West Coast CRW Challenge Can't Post

Annual West Coast CRW Challenge
30th of July to the 1st of August

We plan to organize teams if needed.
It will be a great time.
Team Red Line
The Next Best Team -
April Schuldt
John Bechtel
Brian Martin
Jason (Maverick) Smith
Chad Neidigh
Bart Stonestreet
Abbie Mashaal
Eric Gallan
Ken Oka
Sean Jones
Frank Lupica
Don Johnson

Ken....Fondle some nylon

Madison  (D 25271)

Aug 3, 2010, 10:28 AM
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Re: [bbqribs] West Coast CRW Challenge [In reply to] Can't Post

What an awesome weekend!!
THANK YOU Redline, CA CRWdawgs, all the CRW peeps who traveled, CRWjudges, and everyone at Lodi.
Thank you to my teammates: John Bechtel, Brian Martin, Jason Smith, and Jim Rasmussen. I learned a ton and had so much fun along the way.
NOT ONE CHOP all weekend! I've never been so focused/nervous about landing back at the airport than I was at Lodi, nice job team! The weather was perfect for us to knock out 24 jumps, most of which were competition practice with nice bigways at the end of the jump day.
Can't really describe what a cool feeling it is to be on the same ride to altitude with friends you're competing with, but at the same time all want you to do your very best. Good attitudes all around!
Redline did kick everyone's ass :) Rightfully so! Watching them is amazing and inspiring at the same time. Hopefully someone can post all the scores or places from the WCCC weekend.

Redline, you are pure class! Thank you so much. Good Luck in China!! Show 'em how it's done!!
CRW Skies,

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