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Thanks for the great Midwest CRW this weekend


sabre1700  (D 17487)

May 25, 2010, 6:38 AM
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Thanks for the great Midwest CRW this weekend Can't Post

Thanks everyone who came out to play in East Troy this weekend. We had 14 crwdogs, most from Seven Hills and East Troy but a few made long commutes for the weekend, Keith and Andi from Iowa and T Lavonne and his wife from Indiana, and Paul Peterson and his wife from Illinois.

Some of us got to knock the rust off, after a long winter break, all of us got to sweat in mid-eighty degree temps. And, everyone got to fly some new formations and slots. Andi got her first 8-stack on one dive.

Thanks everyone for working hard and keeping it safe.

We tried out some larger partially-planed-stack (PACK) formations. Everyone flew really well, especially considering all the canopy swapping, and wing loading adjustments we made, while experimenting with the flight characteristics of the Pack formations.

All and all, I think the dives went really well. We got six dives in on Saturday and four on Sunday, before the air got rough and folks had to start heading for home.

The best dive, of the bunch, had to have been the two side-by-side 5 way Pack formations, with Brian Martin docking his 5-way on the bottom of my 5-way. Along the way we got to build multiple side-by-side formations, play with adjusting the descent rates, and practice proximity piece flying.

Everyone responded really well to the challenge of flying either slightly heavier or slightly lighter wing loaded canopies than they we're used to. Thanks everyone for accepting the challenge and working harder individually for the health of the formation.

We made some great progress, learned a whole bunch about how to fly these, as a team. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I look forward to our next get together, which will be:

Seven Hills Skydivers, Madison WI
June 17-20th
Aircraft will be the PAC XL and two Cessna 182's (if we need them)

Hope to see everyone there.

Blue skies,

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