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CRW Weekend at Langer


jamie_the_para  (C 107289)

May 17, 2010, 12:15 PM
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CRW Weekend at Langer Can't Post

Hey All,
We all understand theres not many CRW jumpers in the UK and we want to change this and get the skies of the UK full of Canopies smashing into each other!

Netheravon: "The DZ will sadly be closed from 5th to 23rd July, due to a large military exercise taking place on the airfield. That includes both weekends and week days. We will however be open on the surrounding weekends."

So ive came up with an idea of a CRW weekend at Langer (still to be confirmed) as it is central and easiest place for everyone to get too. Any other ideas let me know. just seeing who would be interested? Ive missed a load of people out that are not on facebook, UKS or so if you guys could forward it to others that have CF1 or have done quite a bit of CRW would be appreciated. and see what sort of reply we get, i know some of you have a massive list of CRW dawgs in the UK or abroad that might be interested so ask about, lets get some CRW done this summer! All levels welcome just for fun! theres 10 people confirmed already come on people!

If you have facebook find our team there and get yourself on the list for this Weekend of 9th - 11th July 2010. Kit will be available if needed contact us for more details

PH36 Canopy Formation Team

andyturner  (C License)

Jul 11, 2010, 12:07 PM
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Re: [jamie_the_para] CRW Weekend at Langer [In reply to] Can't Post

A BIG thanks to teams PH36 & CFUK, and PD & Karen B for organising and conducting a MEGA weekend. Lots of fun for everyone from CRW Intros, CF1 training and general CRW coaching for all.

Good company and great training. Job well done everyone!

Happy days,
PS. Rumars are afoot that this will become a regular (bimonthly) event Smile

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