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Slappie  (A 123)

Aug 29, 2001, 12:31 PM
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Video to Picture Can't Post

Ok I've got videos I'd like to capture some pictures off of. Is there any way to to this? If so please tell me the software needed and where to find it? I'm wanting to post some student jump pix on my website of myself in flight but only have video.. Thanks

Blue Skies!

prost  (D 24959)

Aug 29, 2001, 12:51 PM
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Re: Video to Picture [In reply to] Can't Post

    There are a few ways to do this. You will only get a good pic if you are using a digital camera. They are the only ones with high enough resolution to get a good pic. If you have high eight it will come out but you should keep it small.

Most digital cancorders connect to your computer by a plug called firewire (IEEE 1394). You can get one of these cards to go in your computer and then you will also be able to edit video on your comp. A good inexpensive card would be the Pinnacle Studio DV. You can buy it for $89 and it comes with the card and software.

If you do not have a digital camcorder or do not want to install an expansion card in your computer there are some options. Dazzle makes a kit that plugs into your serial port and you can run a cable from your analog out to it. The Kit will cost you $99. Or you can buy a Intel Pro Pack web cam. It has an external video plug that will capture stills from your camera. They cost somewhere aroun $100. It must be the Pro Pack to have the external video plug.

Premier quade  (D 22635)
Aug 29, 2001, 1:16 PM
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Re: Video to Picture [In reply to] Can't Post

Once you get your video into your computer, you may also want to do a little additional processing.

I've had some pretty good success with my TRV-10 and iMovie on an iMac. I post process the pictures using PhotoShop.

See here.

I usually deinterlace the picts, resize them and compress them for web usage.

See here for an example.

The full version of PhotoShop also creates the image galleries automatically. By clicking on one of the photos, a larger photo pops up.


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