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TB99  (D 26447)

Feb 11, 2003, 7:34 PM
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New Personal Bests Can't Post

Well, I'm flying my friend's ORIGINAL classic (with the old logo and all) until my new GTi comes in. I just started flying maybe 2 weeks ago, and am finally really starting to get the hang of things!

From 13,500 -> in the saddle @ 4000 ... 105 seconds. Average of 57mph vertical decent.

There's still more I can push outta this thing, I know it ... I can't wait to see the numbers I get on my GTi, though.

I had a really good day of jumping today ... ended the day with a track dive (non-wingsuit) and flew 2.2 miles from 13,500 (86 seconds and 85mph vert).

I'm so happy I got into this ... it's just so much fun!

edited to add:
I wish I had the jump track software! There were many times where I could hear the wind come to a slow whistle in my ears and felt my body kind've "flare" up. I'm wondering what speeds I was at! Anyone near me have the software so I can check out some graphs of my jumps? Angelic

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